Amanda’s next Depth Enquiry training is on Fri 05 – Sun 07 March 2021.

Testimonials from the 3-Day Workshops

Paul Kamphuis (Gestalt Psychotherapist):

“Personally, I’ve been amazed at how Depth Enquiry has allowed me to stay with a process for longer, connect more deeply with it, and make greater meaning of it. I’ve had some great insights. Historically, I have habitually interrupted processes. This did not occur for me during Depth Enquiry. It felt natural and simple.”

“I have also recently integrated Depth Enquiry into my practice. It’s been great. I started with my longer term clients and I’ve noticed their processes deepen very quickly. It’s hard to fathom. I am continually surprised at the big and rapid changes that clients report from engaging with it. It is a powerful tool that I’m happy to have in my kit. I have great confidence in it. Thanks again for sharing it. With much gratitude.”

Careena Cook (Psychotherapist, MCouns&PsychTh):

“I found Amanda Gruhn’s Depth Enquiry training to be experiential, informative and fun. It gave me the confidence to start using the process immediately with my clients. DE has now become an integral part of my therapy toolbox. Using DE I can confidently and safely assist clients to experience themselves more fully in the world. I love it.”

Annette Reeves (Gestalt Psychotherapist)

“I just wanted to say a big thank you again for your training. It was a rare and privileged experience to witness your skill and grace with my fellow workshop participants … both in imparting the knowledge, attending to our various requirements and through the demonstrations. I feel very excited about this new technique as well as equipped with enough knowledge to give it a shot. So again thank you for your generosity and enthusiasm in bringing this together.”

Louise Pearson (BSW BA, MAASW (Acc), Counsellor, Gestalt Psychotherapist):

“This course was the professional development highlight of my year. It was small, it was intimate, and the material was so easy to learn, but with such fabulous practical applications. I came away with a new tool for my toolbox, and with the knowledge that if I had questions, if I needed to go back over things, I had a fabulous book to refer to, as well as a great resource in Amanda. We didn’t get bogged down in theory, but instead we saw how it worked … and, I know from experience, that it works. I strongly encourage you to consider it, because in a world where I see advertisements for training courses everywhere, this one really delivers.”

Maria Clark (Counsellor, Psychotherapist)

“Initially curious about EMDR and its application as an instrument for addressing trauma and anxiety  with clients, I decided to experience Amanda’s Depth Enquiry first hand as a client before undertaking her Master Class.”

“I chose to address my ongoing  personal challenge with health issues and so we commenced the process and upon completing 5 sessions, I’m left with a number of unexpected shifts which are not limited to the health issues that initiated the enquiry. Not only have my perceptions of past experiences altered both emotionally and physically but my attunement to future experiences have also changed. In other words, my anxiety in the present is not physiologically or emotionally informed by the past nor by assumptions regarding future experiences or possibilities.” 

“Consequently I am present with less effort and have a sense of my whole of self being more available in the moment. This has allowed a depth of presence not only between self with self but also self with other. It has also provided an altered ‘being with’ while working with clients. I am able to ‘be with’ them, empathise and follow their journey with greater ease. Now I find after a full day of work with clients, I am not as depleted physically or emotionally.” 

“I envisage DE as a valuable and effective intervention with clients, particularly with those who have developed a level of awareness and progressed in their personal therapy but on occasion find themselves ‘stuck’ or reliving aspects of old scenarios that leave them baffled, confused and vulnerable.”